Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear Miley Cyrus, why are you such a slut?

As i am sitting waiting for my delayed flight to leave for NYC (giddy!) i cannot help but stare at these haunting pictures of miley cyrus and her nastyness.

Dearest Miley,
remember when you used to write songs to your dead grandpa?
and sing about how you dress up in wigs and are someone else?
and wear things that covered.... some part of your body at least?

those days seem oh so long ago...
now your just a slutty little girl like the rest of them, posting sketch pics of yourself online and tromping around the stage with basically some little leather straps around your nips. oh miley... wwdd? what would disney do? not what your doing... did you lose your contract with them? cuz pretty soon hannah montana is going to be like the alexis texas show with some other innocent on it (yes i did have to look up names that rhyme with states).
as Chelsea Lately says "please pull yourself together and find some kapris, otherwise there is just one way you will turn out..."
I give you..... Lindsay Lohan.
One Classy Broad.