Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some times the good things are shadowed by the bad...

So my life has been a rollercoaster ride since coming home emotionally. As many of you know, for the last almost 4 months i have been having vocal trouble that has just gotten continuously worse. I just found out last week that i have a vocal nodule. A nodule, for those of you that dont know, is basically a callous on one side of my vocal chords. This typically means the end for many singers, but for me, my vocal nodule is very small, so i hope i can recover fully. Nevertheless, this has been a very hard week for me, i am starting to feel that hope is lost. Singing for me is what brings me joy, its what i love to do, and its my future. Sometimes its easy for me to think, "Why would my Heavenly Father do this to me?"i have just finally been accepted into the Music Dance Theatre major at BYU, and now your taking it all away? But i know that everything happens for a reason, and from trail comes strength. Or at least telling myself that i "know" that now i hope will help. I love my Heavenly Father, he must be doing this for a reason. i just hope that i will be able to sing as i used to.

So something good happened this week also....
i have been searching for a job for almost a month now with no success. not even one interview. as i was driving to pick up my brother from school one day, i drove by a dance studio and got this feeling that i should go in there. i thought "none of those places are hiring, theres no point", but i went anyways. when i walked in i immediately got offered a job! the dance studio also runs a theatre company, and they needed someone to run their theatre summer camps! and they hired me right on the spot after hearing my background. i am so excited to start a job doing something i love, and that will be good for me this summer.

So, even though life is not to good right now, at least things are happening that are helping me forget. :)

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