Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Poor Feet

Dear Feet,

please don't die. i need you. even though i must wake at 8am to dance every morning this week and stay after I'm done with classes and keep dancing does not mean you can fail me now!

i am so very tired this week. i have to do makeups for some of the classes i have missed so i am dancing even more than usual! Im just waiting until Saturday when i can get on a plane and head of to sunny lovely Cancun! im going with my family for a few days and am SO excited!

Speaking of vacations, I was able to fly home this weekend and see my lovely family and some of my great friends! i forgot that it was spring break for most schools this week so i got to see my bestie Allie and Ant! i also saw Laur and Cellebell. i love them all so very much.
i was so nice to go home where it isnt freezing and brown and ugly. i didnt realize how truly beautiful Loomis was until now! i want to go home so badly! just tryin to get through these last 3 weeks of school!

im so thankful for my family and that i got to see them last weekend and get to see this this weekend too! they are what make me truly happy!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Mommy

Dearest Momsicle,

lets pretend like you didn't cry when you read my last post and talk about how much you love me!

my mommy loves me SOOOO much. she has always been there for me through everything.
my mommy supports me in all my endeavors, and has always given me the best.
my mommy is like superwoman, she gets everything done with time to spare.
my mommy is my shopping buddy. we have the same style and i cant go shopping without her!
my mommy tells me the truth. she helps me improve and strive for greatness every day.
my mommy is spiritual. she is always an example to me and had such a strong testimony.
my mommy is funny. i love when she gets punchy and laughs at EVERYTHING :)
my mommy is loving. she will let me cry on her shoulder when i need her.
my mommy is driven. she sets goals and gets things done.
my mommy is caring, forever worrying about her children's happiness.
my mommy is my best friend. there is no one else like her :)

mommy... i love you. im so sorry i made you sad. im not just writing this blog because you want me to, i am writing it because i want everyone to know how truly amazing and wonderful you really are. i love you so much. you help me make it through the cloudy days!

love you mommy!!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Boys in My Life

There are some very important people in my life... and most of them are the boys in my life! i love them so much.

First of all, my Daddy.
I love him more than words can say. Even though we aren't super talkative with each other all the time, we are two in the same, and he understands me better than anyone else in my family i think. Whenever in frustrated or sad, he knows just what to say to make me feel better, and i love him so so much.

LOVE MY BRO!!! we fought so much when we were younger, but not anymore! haha going to high school with him for a year was really bonding for us i think, and i love hanging out with him. i miss him so much here at school, which is surprising to me. i love him with all my heart.

baby. my sweet adorable little bro! who is five now. and HUGE. he is always so smiley and makes me so so happy! i love when he cuddles with me and gives me cute little eskimo kisses. he is my life and i think about him so much, i just want to give him a hug. :( i want to see him!

love of my life! we have been inceperable since i was 15. there is no question that he knows EVERYTHING about me and is the person i come to for everything. he knows me soul, and i know his. he will always be my best friend, forever.

Last but not least, Jaron!
my little jar :) he is my bestie here at BYU. We just met last semester, but were totally inseparable! he hang out EVERY DAY! and are the exact same person, so we gets along super well :) i love him! i can talk to him about anything, and just be silly and have a blast with him all the time!! we will be friends for a very long time im sure. were gonna be Broadway stars together!

I love all of these boys. they are what keep me going in life... and i dont think they realize how much they mean to me! i love you all!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Utah is Retarded

Dear Utah,

please have normal weather! you tease me with your random warm days and then i wake up to random blizzards! no! today is cold and windy... and i hate it! i miss my California sun :(.

Let talk about this wierd state that is Utah.

not that im a sinner...but sometimes you just have to grab something on a Sunday you know? lets just talk about how EVERYTHING is shut down. i thought this was a myth. no my friends... this is real. very real. and on every other day everything shuts down at like 8. 8pm!?!?! i am a college student Utah! we stay up into the wee hours of the night. if Provo was smart, they would keep things open late. Becuase then their revenue would tripple! by me alone! especially FroYo.

oh FroYo. what? yummy fozen yogurt deliciousness with amazing fruit and chocolate morsels that are heaven to your tastebuds? MY NEW FAVORITE OBSESSION. if i had an endless amount of money, i would eat this every single day. bad enough as it is i get it like once a week. eek! even though its snowing outside, i cant get enough of the yumminess! love love love.
So... i guess Utah has one good trait. its frozen yogurt chains. and thats it. NOTHING MORE.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Por Que?

haha i don't even know if i spelled that right....

well. because i am very unoriginal i decided to make a blog! but mostly because EVERYONE has them here and i'm sick of not joining in on this cult group thing... so. yes.

I guess since i am starting this blog i should post some things about myself. I recently got accepted into the Music Dance Theatre program at BYU and i'm SO stoked! it is such a relief to finally be in this program that i love so much, and to be able to pursue my dream! i have a lovely family that have supported me from the get-go and i love them for it so much!

i hope this blog thing works out... heres to tryin!