Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Poor Feet

Dear Feet,

please don't die. i need you. even though i must wake at 8am to dance every morning this week and stay after I'm done with classes and keep dancing does not mean you can fail me now!

i am so very tired this week. i have to do makeups for some of the classes i have missed so i am dancing even more than usual! Im just waiting until Saturday when i can get on a plane and head of to sunny lovely Cancun! im going with my family for a few days and am SO excited!

Speaking of vacations, I was able to fly home this weekend and see my lovely family and some of my great friends! i forgot that it was spring break for most schools this week so i got to see my bestie Allie and Ant! i also saw Laur and Cellebell. i love them all so very much.
i was so nice to go home where it isnt freezing and brown and ugly. i didnt realize how truly beautiful Loomis was until now! i want to go home so badly! just tryin to get through these last 3 weeks of school!

im so thankful for my family and that i got to see them last weekend and get to see this this weekend too! they are what make me truly happy!

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