Thursday, March 11, 2010

Utah is Retarded

Dear Utah,

please have normal weather! you tease me with your random warm days and then i wake up to random blizzards! no! today is cold and windy... and i hate it! i miss my California sun :(.

Let talk about this wierd state that is Utah.

not that im a sinner...but sometimes you just have to grab something on a Sunday you know? lets just talk about how EVERYTHING is shut down. i thought this was a myth. no my friends... this is real. very real. and on every other day everything shuts down at like 8. 8pm!?!?! i am a college student Utah! we stay up into the wee hours of the night. if Provo was smart, they would keep things open late. Becuase then their revenue would tripple! by me alone! especially FroYo.

oh FroYo. what? yummy fozen yogurt deliciousness with amazing fruit and chocolate morsels that are heaven to your tastebuds? MY NEW FAVORITE OBSESSION. if i had an endless amount of money, i would eat this every single day. bad enough as it is i get it like once a week. eek! even though its snowing outside, i cant get enough of the yumminess! love love love.
So... i guess Utah has one good trait. its frozen yogurt chains. and thats it. NOTHING MORE.

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