Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Mommy

Dearest Momsicle,

lets pretend like you didn't cry when you read my last post and talk about how much you love me!

my mommy loves me SOOOO much. she has always been there for me through everything.
my mommy supports me in all my endeavors, and has always given me the best.
my mommy is like superwoman, she gets everything done with time to spare.
my mommy is my shopping buddy. we have the same style and i cant go shopping without her!
my mommy tells me the truth. she helps me improve and strive for greatness every day.
my mommy is spiritual. she is always an example to me and had such a strong testimony.
my mommy is funny. i love when she gets punchy and laughs at EVERYTHING :)
my mommy is loving. she will let me cry on her shoulder when i need her.
my mommy is driven. she sets goals and gets things done.
my mommy is caring, forever worrying about her children's happiness.
my mommy is my best friend. there is no one else like her :)

mommy... i love you. im so sorry i made you sad. im not just writing this blog because you want me to, i am writing it because i want everyone to know how truly amazing and wonderful you really are. i love you so much. you help me make it through the cloudy days!

love you mommy!!!!!

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