Sunday, April 4, 2010

Apt 295 is a small Japanese village.

Great news people: i live in Japan! what you say? how can Taryn live in a far away country? i thought she was in utah in apt #295, Wyview Park, 2122 N 120W, Provo, UT, 84604????? well, joyously, greatfully, amazingly, my ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE, LOVING, MOST FAVORITIST ROOMATE OF ALL TIME has turned my apartment into a japanese infested cest pit. This lovely conference weekend i was able to watch three conference sessions in my living room. (the other one i actually went to!!) Lucky for me Sarah (my roomate) was able to invite one of her friends (what????) to watch it with us! this friend.... is EXACTLY like sarah. she came to my apartment in a kimono (SP?), hair in a bun, walking in little waddling steps.
then, sarah and japanese girl continued to watch conference while folding origami objects and speaking in Japanese. this went on for about EIGHT hours. after conference, they continued to watch a church movie in Japanese, while drawing anime (japanese cartoon) people and discussing their latest Japanese comic books they have read.

As if it couldnt get worse, my adorable precious roomie just LOVES to make the biggest, nastiest mess she can and NEVER clean it up. so as she was filling up the sink, burning things on the stove, and trashing the living room, i got to sit and try to feel the spirit. Luckily Antony came down and visited me this weekend so he kept me from total insanity.

Lets continue with my Japanese apt becuase trust me.... it does not stop there.

The other night, Sarah's beau (lets call him... Japboy). Well Japboy is just perfect for Sarah... our little Japgirl. Japboy served his mish in Japan, has a blonde bowl cut, and ALWAYS, and i mean always, wears sunglasses inside. every time he comes over, they discuss anime characters as if they were real and talk in the language of the Japs. So, the other night, Japboy burned a Japanese film for Japgirl. He brought it over and they watched it. I was making my absolutely gorgeous cake in the kitchen and was watching the Japcouple as i was doing so. this movie was totally against Japgirls standards... and at one point the Japanese man walked into a porn shop and the camera voomed into a pair of womans breasts. Sarah just sat that awkwardly. (funny how she will walk out while me and Kristen watch the Hannah Montana movie, but not with this)

Japgirl and Japboy will probably get married soon... and create a plethera of Japbabies.

Let me just say... i am nice to Japgirl. Im never outwardly rude... but i will be VERY happy when i move out in 2 weeks.

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