Friday, April 30, 2010

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Well... lets recap since the last little diddy.

First, schools done. I NEVER HAVE TO SEE MY CRAZY ROOMATE AGAINNNNNN. yesssss. but as good as school ending was... that meant i had to drive home. TEN HOURS. its not really that bad, but i was so tired, i was on the verge on falling asleep every time i took the wheel. deffinately highlight of the trip was my crazy roadtrip partner... my mother. she decided that it was absolutely halarious to jump out and scare me every time.... everrry time i got out of the bathroom. haha shes such a silly mommy.

Second, i have ridden no planes lately. the end.

Third, me and Trae went on a "date" today to the train museum in downtown sac! it was cute. it was really interesting learning about the history of trains, and Trae is so enthralled with it! after we learned about the trains, we got lunch in old town, went to the candy store, thennnnn little actor to be drama king wanted to have a photo shoot. really? really Trae? your five... and you posed for over a half an hour for my iPhone camera.
well, i love my little baby and his mini-me ways. i have missed him terribly and now i am here for the next four months to torture him to death. yay!

that means im home, alone, bored out of my mind, staring at the wall all day people! be jealous that im out of school in april and no one else is. my life is SO entertaining.

love you all! as some foreign people somewhere say, ciao.

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